Aphrodite Cinefest International - February 11-12, 2011 - Huntsville, Texas

2011 Award Winners!

The winners of the 2011 Aphrodite Cinefest International Film Festival have been announced. The Grover Complex won Best in Festival for a feature film and The Rules won Best in Festival for a short film. A complete list of winners in all categories is now available. Congratulations to all the award winners!

Event Photos

View photos from the 2011 Aphrodite Cinefest International.

World Premiere Event!

The 1st annual Aphrodite Cinefest will host the World Premiere of Twitchy Dolphin's feature film Snatch 'N' Grab.

Visit the Word Premiere page for more information and to view Snatch 'N' Grab trailer.

Official Selections

This year's official selections include Trasharella, starring and directed by the talented Rena Riffel. Rena Riffel has stared in feature productions such as Mulholland Dr., Showgirls, and Striptease.

Our Official Selections page has other films and videos that have already been selected to show at Aphrodite Cinefest International. Between now and February 4th, other Official Selections will be annouced daily, so check back often!

Film Distribution Agreement

In an agreement with UBFilm, feature films and short films offically selected for Aphrodite Cinefest International will be offered the opportunity to distribute their film through upcoming UBFilm's digital download portal. Launching this spring, UBFilms will give independent filmmakers access to a wide range of services including digital distribution, marketing services and refunding resources.

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